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Tuesday, 19 July 2016

How to add logo in report in Microsoft Dynamics Navision.

For Display the image or logo in report follow below steps.

1. Create new report and give its proper name and number and save it.
2. Add data item to it. Here we take company table because in company table these are picture column in which company logo is already store.
3. Now add three column company name, city name and picture. As shown in image.

4. Save the work and got to Views =>> Layout.

5. Now drag and drop the image control on the report  header and set its properties as below.
Select the image source : Database

Use this field: Convert.ToBase64String(First(Fields!Picture_CompanyInformation.Value,        "DataSet_Result"))

Use this MIME type: Image/jpeg

6. Now we add some other field to report header like company name, company city and report        name as show in below image.

7. Now save the work and run the report from the File => Run menu. And shows the output.


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