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Sunday, 17 July 2016

How to use CALCDATE function Microsoft Dynamics Navision

First create new code unit as show (here) and write following code in code unit under ‘On Run’ trigger and then run it. Generally CALCDATE is used when you have to working with date parameter and by using CALCDATE function you can add, subs track value from the date parameter.

Here we use CALDATE function which takes two parameter as input.
First      : what you want to add or sub subtract from given date
Second : second is date value

MESSAGE('Calculate New  Date : %1',CALCDATE('CD+1W',010516D));

Here in above example we will see that give date is “010516” = “01/05/2016” and in this date we perform some operation like add “1 week to give date do it become ‘08/05/2016’”


Note :

D - Day
M – Month
Y – Year
W – Week


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