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Thursday, 21 February 2013

How to make txtweb application in PHP.

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txtweb is a one sms based plat form.if you want to make any application in txtweb in php language the follow following steps.

1)  Make txtweb account.
2) log in to your account.
3) decide your application name and check this name is available or not. for this go to create new services.
4) decide your keyword and check it available.
5) if yes then make it "save and next".
6)it will display congratulation message with service key.

- Now for example we want to make one app which gives what you type  number than write phpcode something like .

        <meta name="txtweb-appkey" content="xxxxxxxxx - xxxxxxxxx - xxxxxxxxx - xxxxxxxxx" />
        <title>Jay Hanuman - Jay Madi_Nirav</title>
                            $no = $_GET['txtweb-message'];

                            echo "You enter" .$no;

       echo("Please Enter two number which you want to add");



Note:  here "xxxxxxxxx - xxxxxxxxx - xxxxxxxxx - xxxxxxxxx" means your service key.

7) now save this file and host this file any where on inter net
8) for hosting some free php file hosting are available(Free PHP Hosting Site -click here)
9) after uploading this file copy this file location.
10) type this link location in Link your Service name to service App  (stage-2)
11) Save ad than publish..............

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