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Sunday, 10 February 2013

Off line English to Gujarati converter

For converting the English to Gujarati follow some instruction like :

1) goto ""

2) from the list you have to select your language and click on 'download' button.

3) now download and save this file .

4) after downloading 'run' this file.

5) this will download some information from the inter net .

6) after some time it will completed.

7)  now you can show your 'En' option in your 'task bar'  .

8) now after selection your language from this menu type in MS word it work .........................!

/\/ir@\/  <(.'.)>


  1. hi,
    ur blog is very helpful but i wanna toolkit that helps me to generate eng-guj offline translator in c#..
    if any ideas then refer me...

    Ajay vekariya

  2. I need to convert Gujarati number ૧૨૩૪૫૬૭૮૯૦ to English Digits 1234567890. \
    Any help will be appreciated...

  3. Here you say you need to convert Gujarati digit to the English digit but you can’t specify in which language you want.


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