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Friday, 29 March 2013

What is Class and Object in ?

1). Class
•    Class is blue print or template in which object are created.
•    We can also say that class is collection of object.
•    If you want to use a class then you have to create an object.
•    Ex.  In our body the part call 'hand' is call class and we divide in two things like 'left hand' and 'right hand' this both is call its object
•    Ex.  Other example is bird in which we can say that bird is class and sparrow, parrot, duck etc. is calling its objects.

2). Object
•    Object is instance of class.
•    Object is showing the properties of class.
•    Group of object make class.

How to define class and its object.

public class Student
            int RollNo=0;
            string Name="abc";

            public string getStudent()
                return RollNo;

            public void setStudent(int roll,string name)
                RollNo = roll;
                Name = name;
public Static void main()
    // make its object
     Student objStudent = new Student();
            objStudent.setStudent(4, "Nirav Patel");

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